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Can you borrow money if you already have a loan? Hell yes! Even if you already have multiple loans you can take out a loan. You can read the conditions here.

Many loan providers, such as the bank, check in advance whether you have already taken out a loan and whether you have had arrears in the past. This means that many people can not take out a loan. It makes sense that you then look for another way to borrow money, where it is possible to have multiple loans. In this article, we offer you the solution: with a flash loan you can borrow money if you already have a loan! Moreover, these flash loans are easy for everyone to close.

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A flash loan is a special kind of loan that is meant to help as many people as possible to a loan as quickly as possible. The providers of these loans, therefore, do not attach any conditions to a loan and do not make compulsory blacklist testing. Also with a blacklist listing, you can, therefore, take out a flash loan! Flash loans are possible for everyone, provided that you are over 21 and have a fixed income. A payday advance online at https://www.onepayday.com/ is also easy to close in just five minutes!

How much money to borrow if you already have a loan?

It is, therefore, possible to get money quickly with the help of a flash loan. But how much money is it exactly here? A flash loan allows you to borrow any amount of your choice between 50 and 1000 euros. You decide how much that is exactly. So you can choose to take out a loan of 400 euros to pay the rent, 650 euros for and a week of vacation or 800 euros for your driving lessons. You do not have to consult with the loan provider. It is wise to think well in advance about how much a loan will cost you. These loans have a relatively short maturity, so never borrow more than necessary!

Lend a loan for money online if you already have a loan

The big advantage of flash loans is that you can easily apply for these loans online. In order to make your loan application, you do not have to leave the house, but you can make a loan request directly from behind your computer. All you have to do is select a suitable provider of flash loans online and fill in the online application form. So you do not need any documents here and agreements are also a thing of the past. This means that it is now possible to make a loan application in just five minutes. The loan application is then processed automatically so that you immediately receive an SMS to confirm your loan application. In most cases, you can expect the money from the flash loan on your bill the same day! That means, for whatever reason you need money, you can always arrange it immediately!

Gandalf Loans: Personal Loans and Fifth-Session Loans, Times, Loan Calculation

We analyze Gandalf loans with rates updated to 2019 , to assess whether they are cheap products compared to the competition. The conditions of personal loans and the transfer of the fifth , with the characteristics of each form of financing offered by the company. Finally, the opinions of the users regarding the delivery times and the methods for calculating the Gandalf loan.

Gandalf 2019 Loans: to whom they are addressed and required requisites

If you are looking for a loan to buy a car, renovate a house, buy furniture or appliances, book a holiday or face any other expenses, the solutions available on the market in 2019 are many. Among these we want to present Gandalf loans , with all the economic characteristics to compare with those offered by other banks and financial institutions. First of all, it is good to analyze the required requisites, which as always determine the customers to whom the loans are directed. Gandalf is a company belonging to the Gandalf Banking Group , which therefore guarantees the reliability of this company. On the website of the bank we find all the useful information regarding each of the types of financing offered. As we will see better in the following paragraphs, the options available to all those who need a loan are the personal loan or the consolidation of loans . Before seeing in detail the differences between these two types of financing, we see who they are addressed to.

First of all, to present the Gandalf loan application it is necessary to have an age between 18 and 70 years and be resident in Italy . As far as foreign customers are concerned, at the time of the request it is necessary that the latter present the valid residence permit and show residence in Italy. Gandalf loans are reserved for those who are already customers of the bank . In particular, as specified on the company’s website, it is requested that the beneficiary of the loan has registered a Gandalf current account for at least 3 months, with an account balance exceeding -500 euros. As an alternative, Gandalf’s request for funding may also be applied to all those who decide to credit their salary or pension to the Gandalf account . In this case no constraints are set regarding the time elapsed since the opening of the account. As always, the most important constraints are those that concern the economic requirements required by the bank.

As for Gandalf loans, from this point of view there are no big differences compared to other major banks, also because as we said this company is part of the Gandalf group. In order to apply for any Gandalf financing it is necessary to present an income document . As always, employees will have to show the paycheck and the employment contract. In the case of a permanent employment contract, there will be no problems except for the amount that can be requested and therefore the monthly payment that can be fixed. On the other hand, those who have a fixed -term contract will be able to receive the desired loan only by setting the end-of-refund date before the expiry date of the contract. As for pensioners, just as for the sale of the fifth, it will be enough to present the last pension bill , which is an excellent guarantee for the bank as it represents a fixed monthly income guaranteed for the customer. Finally, self-employed workers can also receive the loans offered by Gandalf presenting the last tax return . Obviously in this case the bank will perform an analysis of the earnings received in the last year to assess the maximum payment that can be faced by the customer and therefore also the amount that can be requested according to the repayment plan chosen.

Personal Loans Gandalf 2019: amount that can be requested and reimbursement with assignment of the fifth

The first type of Gandalf financing that we analyze is that of personal loans . The first big advantage of this solution is that it is a non-finalized loan . This means that it can be the perfect financing regardless of the expense you want to deal with. All that needs to be decided is the amount to be requested and the duration of the loan. These are the two fundamental aspects that must be considered before proceeding with the request for funding. As for the amount that can be requested , we will have great freedom in this sense. Gandalf personal loans go from a minimum of 2000 euros up to a maximum of 50,000 euros . Precisely for this reason it is a perfect financing option to cope with any type of expenditure, from those for which you need a small sum of money such as those for the purchase of some household appliances and household items in those for which funding is needed for a higher amount such as the purchase of a car or the renovation of the house.

What is the duration that we can choose for the Gandalf personal loan? As is the case with personal loans offered by other companies, even in the case of Gandalf personal loans, the customer has the possibility to set the repayment rate he prefers. In this case the duration that can be fixed depends on the amount we need. In this sense, three different types of personal loans are considered, with the related repayment plans. In any case, the minimum duration is 12 months, however, advisable only for small amounts in order to avoid setting a too high repayment rate. For small Gandalf loans ranging from a minimum of 2000 euros up to a maximum of 4000 euros , the maximum duration that can be set by customers at the time of the request is equal to 48 months . If, on the other hand, the amount you are interested in is between 5,000 and 10,000 euros , then the repayment plan may have a maximum duration of 72 months . Finally, for Gandalf personal loans for amounts ranging from € 11,000 to € 50,000 , customers have the option of completing repayment in 84 months .

One of the types of loans that especially in recent years has become particularly widespread is the so-called sale of the fifth . This loan option is aimed exclusively at employees and pensioners and is characterized by the fact that the monthly repayment installments can not exceed one fifth , or 20%, of the net amount received by the client. Is it possible to request the sale of the fifth Gandalf? This particular type of loan is not described on the bank’s website. In any case, as we have seen previously, the personal loan can be requested by employees and pensioners who choose to credit their salary or pension directly to the Gandalf current account. Considering that the monthly repayment installments will be deducted directly from the customer’s bank account, in this case the personal loan can be considered just like a transfer of the fifth. The repayment installment of less than one fifth of the salary or pension can be set simply by choosing the duration that we prefer among those available, and will obviously also depend on the amount we are going to request.

Gandalf Financing Consolidation: how it works and financing conditions

The second type of loan presented to us on Gandalf’s website is the consolidation of loans . This financial product is now proposed by all major companies, sometimes under the name of debt consolidation. This is an excellent opportunity for all those in need of repaying more than one loan at the same time. Nowadays this situation is very common, since practically any good or service can be purchased by choosing the payment in installments, and therefore accessing a form of financing for amounts more or less high. In this way we find ourselves with several loans in progress, received from different banks and financial institutions , which also involves the problem of having to address different interlocutors for any need.

The biggest problem when you are to repay several loans at the same time is related to the repayment installments, each of which will have a different expiration date , which can lead to confusion and the risk of forgetting to pay installments. For these and other reasons it can be very useful to combine all the loans received in a single loan. To do this, simply request the loan consolidation offered by Gandalf. This type of loan allows access to a maximum amount of € 30000 , and can consolidate up to a maximum of 4 different loans. Specifically, three different Gandalf loan consolidation solutions are specified on the product regulation. The first involves 3 external loans plus an additional liquidity; the second option makes it possible to unify external loans and internal loans to which is added any additional liquidity desired; finally, the last solution is the one that provides for the consolidation of 2 Gandalf loans with a part of mandatory additional liquidity.

Gandalf loan consolidation ranges from a minimum of € 11,000 up to a maximum of € 300,000, which can be repaid over a period of time ranging from 12 months up to 72 months . The sum that we are going to request will be considered the sum of the capital not repaid in all the loans received, both external and internal, to which will be added any additional liquidity requested. As far as external loans are concerned, these can always be consolidated, regardless of the bank that has granted them in the past, while the loans received from Gandalf can only be consolidated after having repaid at least the first 6 monthly installments. Among the advantages of this type of financing there is the possibility of obtaining a much better economic treatment compared to that offered by other companies. Furthermore, the possibility of redefining the repayment plan with Gandalf consolidation loans allows you to choose the rate you prefer by choosing the ideal duration.

Opinions on the Gandalf Loan: waiting times and loan and request calculation methods

As with any financial product, it is always very important to take a look at users’ opinions about the treatment received by the company and the convenience of the loan. One aspect that always has much emphasis when it comes to financing is that of waiting times for the payment of the requested sum. In the case of Gandalf loans, the opinions published on the various industry forums speak of very rapid or even immediate disbursement. In this sense, it is emphasized how very useful is the possibility offered by Gandalf to be able to present the request for funding directly online via a digital signature. This opportunity is reserved for Gandalf customers who have a valid identity document saved in the bank’s archives. In this case it will be sufficient to upload the income document (in .pdf format or in image format) and request the desired financing by digital signature.

This type of request reduces the time required for Gandalf loans, and for this reason it is recommended by many users in their reviews. Alternatively, it will be necessary to print the pre-completed contract , after obviously choosing the amount to be requested and the duration, and send it together with a copy of an identity document and the income document. The address to which all the documentation necessary to request Gandalf loans is sent is GandalfBank Middle Office Network – Personal Loans Via the October Revolution, 16 42123. Before proceeding with the request for funding as we said, it is necessary to choose the parameters of the loan we want to request. To do so, Gandalf makes its loan calculation simulator available to its customers, which can be used free of charge and without any obligation. To find out the monthly repayment rate and the applied interest rates, simply access the customer area using your credentials and enter the desired amount and then choose the ideal duration according to your needs.

To conclude our analysis of personal loans and Gandalf loan consolidation, let’s see some examples of an estimate , useful to get an idea of ​​the economic treatment offered by this lender. As for personal loans, on Gandalf’s website we find an example of a loan request for an amount of € 8,000 . Choosing a term of 48 months , the repayment installments will be from 191.38 euros , therefore rather affordable, with interest rates Tan 6.95% and Taeg 7.34% . As regards the consolidation of Gandalf loans, on the site we are presented with an example of a request for 11,000 euros , between loans received in the past and additional liquidity. In this case a repayment is chosen in 60 monthly installments of 217.55 euros , with interest rates of Tan 6.95% and Taeg of 7.30%.



Payday loan consolidation with guarantor despite negative private credit

A negative private credit information makes it difficult to borrow, since only a few financial institutions are willing after a case-by-case examination to pay a loan applicant to a claimant with a negative entry. Most credit banks continue to rate completed registrations as negative, even though private credit classifies them as neutral.

However, it is possible to take out a loan with a guarantor despite the applicant’s negative private credit. However, credit offers do not make all banks, so applicants combine their credit comparison with a thorough search for the right financial institution. Of course, the private credit information provided by the loan bureau must not contain a negative entry in this case.

What does the guarantee mean?

In a loan with a guarantor despite negative private credit two persons are liable for the loan repayment to the bank. The loan guarantor enters the repayment obligation on the default guarantee provided by the legislator as soon as an attempted attachment to the borrower is unsuccessful. In practice, almost every financial institution in the case of a loan with a guarantor demands the agreement of a direct guarantor despite the borrower’s negative credit. In this case, she may already resort to the guarantor if the actual borrower owes the installments and does not have to try compulsory repatriation.

As soon as a guarantor enters the repayment obligation, he acquires a repayment claim against the actual borrower. However, this is often not feasible in practice, as the bank customer has too little money in the long term or registers the personal bankruptcy.

Credit applicants sometimes respond surprisingly when a financial institution refuses to lend to a guarantor with bad private credit and instead proposes a joint loan application. In the opinion of many consumers, the guarantee represents a higher level of security than a credit application. In fact, however, the legislature makes high demands on a loan with a guarantor despite negative private credit. These increase if the credit bureau is emotionally connected with the claimant. While courts often invalidate guaranties as a result of an economic overstrain of an inexperienced guarantor perceivable by the bank, joint application for a loan is not subject to such strict requirements.

Whether the financial institution accepts a freelancer or a self-employed person as a credit guarantor is governed by its credit guidelines and does not necessarily reflect the criteria for granting credit. Finally, entrepreneurs are generally considered to be economically experienced, so they fulfill one of the basic requirements for an effective guarantee.

Check the loan agreement carefully

The interest rate of a loan with a guarantor should be significantly lower than for a Swiss loan without private credit, despite the negative private credit of the actual borrower, since the bank has the additional security by the possible use of the guarantor. The cheapest interest rate is determined by borrowers in a credit comparison, whereby they try different durations and amounts enter.

The credit comparison complicates the practice of many banks, the terms of the loan with a guarantor despite negative private credit not openly indicate, but a prospective customer only to a specific demand. In this case, there is a non-binding demand for the average interest premium for the loan application with a guarantor. Such is understandable due to the additional effort required for the examination and processing of the guarantee commitment.

However, in the case of a loan with a guarantor despite negative borrowing information from the borrower, the most favorable effective annual interest rate is not the only criterion for a concrete bank loan offer. In his loan comparison, the prospect also looks for flexible repayment modalities. The right to a one-off installment per annum or every two years, or the option to change the repayment plan on request, prevents the lender from prompting the guarantor to settle the loan installments even in the event of temporary payment difficulties. Experience reports of previous credit customers, who describe a generous handling of a bank with appropriate requests, are mostly credible. However, they do not replace a clear clause in the credit agreement, as financial institutions can at any time unilaterally change their goodwill behavior. The eligibility for additional repayments without calculation of a prepayment penalty rounds off the flexible repayment options, even if they are rarely used by borrowers with negative private credit.

In the case of a bank loan with a guarantor, despite negative credit from the creditor, a largely flexible repayment option justifies a reasonable additional interest expense compared to the cheapest, but completely inflexible loan offer.

The organized personal loan with guarantors in bad private credit

The organized personal loan with guarantors in bad private credit

As an alternative to a bank loan, consumers on lending platforms between individuals can apply for an organized private loan with a guarantor despite negative private credit. Placing a loan guarantee on the appropriate platforms is one of the options that loan applicants can choose to increase their chances of getting a successful request.

The loan guarantee makes it easier to take out a private loan than without a guarantor in the case of an exceptionally weak private credit, which includes, above all, a hard negative entry and several soft negative notices. On the other hand, if the negative private credit information consists of a single soft negative characteristic, it is not absolutely necessary to provide a guarantor on the personal loan platforms, especially since private lenders place less demand on the creditworthiness of their customers than the traditional commercial banks. On the other hand, when applying for a private loan, it is important to present the projects to be financed and the overall financial situation as comprehensively and openly as possible.